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It's being to look like Christmas at Ed's Easy Diner!

From Wednesday 6th November, you will be able to bring some festive cheer to your day with our new Christmas Specials. Our Turkey Burger comes in two sizes this year, with the Christmas Double Turkey Burger and the classic Christmas Turkey Burger, both packed with breaded turkey breast, melted brie, bacon and cranberry sauce. Served with a pig in blanket on top!

For those that aren't ready to go all festive just yet with the burger, why not add a side of Pigs in Blanket with our US inspired BBQ maple dip.

Finally, we all know a visit to Ed's wouldn't be complete without a World Famous Shake, our Christmas Special is the Mint Oreo Ho Ho Shake! The perfect blend of our Mint Shake and Oreo Shake, topped with whipped cream and Oreo crumb.

Available While Stocks Last.

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