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The legend of America continues

Ed's authentic retro-American diner that captures the spirit of the American Dream! Iconic beats and classic diner seats! Let us transport you to another world! 

Our 50's vibe, feel good attitude and upbeat tempo will ensure you're smiling throughout your meal.

We want to bring the spirit of the 1950's alive whilst making sure we keep things fresh with our bold approach to food, drink and music! 

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Every play goes to a good cause

One of the many good reasons to visit an Eds Easy Diner is to enjoy the eclectic selection of 1950s music that plays all the time. In numerous positions around every Diner you will see our classic Dimeboxes, or mini-jukeboxes.

Put 20p in the slot and pick a song every penny goes to our favourite charity.

Currently, Eds Charity of the Year is Action Against Hunger UK, part of Action Against Hunger International.

This renowned international humanitarian organisation is leading the fight against malnutrition, working with communities who struggle to secure access to sufficient food and clean water.

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